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Private Lessons with Day-One Dog Training
Private Lessons with Dog-One Dog TrainingNo matter what breed or age your dog may be, convenient, affordable private sessions at your home include these big benefits—
•    Individualized coaching to help you
     develop effective training strategies
•    Plenty of time for questions
•    Immediate focus on your specific needs

We’ll give you suggestions for— 
•    Saving wear and tear on your house
•    Helping your dog learn good habits
•    Providing your pet with a safe place
     to grow and learn

Please call us for more information, rates and scheduling.

For Puppies
Puppies at Day-One Dog TrainingMost puppy classes don't take pups until they're 3 or 4 months old. But many of us get puppies when they’re 8 to 10 weeks old— which could mean waiting a month or more before your pup can start school.
Since early training delivers the best results, there’s no need to wait. A home session or two can help you fill that crucial gap with education. The sooner you start teaching puppies, the faster they’ll learn good manners!

Older Dogs at Day-One Dog Training
Older dogs love Day-One Dog trainingIf your grown-up dog has a few habits you’d like to change, one-on-one training sessions at your home are the best way to solve such problems as:

•    Excessive barking
•    Pulling while on-leash
•    Jumping up on people or furniture
•    Potty-training issues
•    Chewing & destructive behavior
•    Separation anxiety
•    Behavior with babies or new pets
•    And much more!

Some behavioral problems are easy to fix. Others can be pretty complicated. But most problems do have solutions—and we'll help you find them!


Day-One Dog Training
Day-One Dog Training