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Articles and info from Day-One Dog Training
Day-One Dog Training Librarian…some written by me, others from a variety of sources. These cover assorted topics of interest to dogs (who tend not to read them) and humans (who should). As we come across new stories of value, they’ll be added to our mini-library.

Note most of these are PDF files, and require the free Acrobat Reader to open. Download the free Acrobat Reader.

Paw 7 Tips for Painless “Potty" Training
Paw  Tips for Parents, Puppies & Kids
Paw Doggie Dental Care: Hey, Dog Breath!
Paw Crates are Great!
Paw “Do I Look Fat in This Fur?” (Dog Weight Chart)
Paw Making UPS Trucks Vanish & Other Amazing Dog Magic!
Paw Keeping Your Dog Healthy: Observations on Being Observant
Paw Clicker Training Introduction
Paw Submissive Urination
Paw Doggie Sibling Rivalry
Paw Canine Social Structure
Paw Barking
Paw Clicker Quiet
Paw Clicker Training Fearful Dogs
Paw  Car Safety - Safe Carriers & Crates
Paw Choosing Dog Food

Links we like

General dog, adoption & breed info
Paw American Kennel Club - info and links
Paw Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America
Paw Mid-Atlantic area’s Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Potomac
Paw Howard County Adoption Center
Paw Howard County Animal Advocates shelter

Training, toys & fun stuff to do with your dog

Paw Karen Pryor’s guidance on clicker training
Paw - lots of info, links, creative ways to have fun with your dog
Paw Center For Pet Safety - great info to keep your pet safe
Paw Gentle Leader Headcollar and great toys
Paw - lots of great toys, including the Tricky Treats ball,
     one of our favorite treat dispensing toys
Paw - pet products, featuring cool puzzle toys for dogs
     like the I-Qube and Hide-a-Squirrel

Dog health info
Paw - indispensable online source of animal health-care info
Paw American Veterinary Medical Association
Paw - great source for animal health, care and behavioral info
Paw American Animal Hospital Association

Parker PuppyOur affiliated animal hospitals

Paw VCA-Columbia Animal Hospital (our vet)
Paw VCA-Lewis Animal Hospital
Paw Bethany-Centennial Animal Hospital
Paw Claws'n'Paws Animal Hospital
Paw VCA-Centre Park Animal Hospital



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